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Universal Language

  1. universal language
    The Teenager Suddenly Living With His Girlfriend“Everyone’s noticed that we’ve become kind of domestic.”
  2. universal language
    The Woman Helping Her Ex Set Up Dating App Profiles“I asked my husband for a divorce two weeks before the state of emergency was declared.”
  3. universal language
    The Woman Who Nearly Got Caught Sneaking Over to Her Boyfriend’s House“I decide to hide under the covers because I’m so afraid.”
  4. universal language
    The Woman Who Can’t Stop Fighting With the Love of Her Life“Everything about our situation now is … intense.”
  5. universal language
    The Couple Considering an Open Relationship After Quarantine“Everything is intense in a good way, even if I’m uncomfortable.”
  6. universal language
    The Dom Offering Pro Bono Services for Essential Workers“I’m here to do stress relief. It’s like, ‘Daddy’s here to take care of you.’”
  7. universal language
    The Woman Trying Out Sexting for the First Time“It just feels like, Oh God, the world is ending. Nothing matters.
  8. universal language
    The Soldier Looking for Dominating Men on Craigslist“I haven’t gone this long without sex since boot camp.”
  9. universal language
    The Berlin Man Who Wasn’t Looking for Monogamy“Right now, the reality is that there is only Elias in the world.”
  10. universal language
    The Texas Student Falling in Love With His Irish Pen Pal“What sets this relationship apart is the longing.”
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